Track trips and earnings automatically with the new Driver's Seat app

No more manual tracking—now you can just link your platforms once, and we'll sync all of your trips and earnings.

Today’s a big day! We’re launching automatic tracking for trips and earnings in the Driver’s Seat app.

With automatic tracking, you can link your platforms once, and we’re able to sync all of your trips and earnings, past and future, into Driver’s Seat. Tracking your data becomes a simple two-step process, with just one swipe to start your shift and one swipe to end it after your work day is over. 

Easy tracking means easy access to accurate, data-driven insights—like which platforms are paying off for you and how much you’re really making—that you can use to determine your work strategy and maximize your earnings.

Before this update, drivers manually tracked shifts, trips, earnings, and expenses, which required a lot of work and often led to faulty data. Drivers needed to mark the start and end of each shift and each trip, then enter their earnings after their shift. It’s not easy to remember all those steps, and we heard from drivers like you that we needed to make the day-to-day process of tracking a lot easier, so we did.

With the Driver’s Seat app in your everyday workflow, you get a comprehensive, in-depth view into insights about your trips and your pay performance over time, soon with richer analytics. It’s the best way to know more and earn more as a rideshare or delivery driver.

You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play. If you have feedback, notice a bug, or want to request a feature, just email us anytime at

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