GigCompare is joining Driver's Seat!

Announcing new additions to our team and product through our acquisition of GigCompare.

Driver’s Seat Cooperative is all about community and technology, leveraged to empower gig workers, and today we’re excited to announce major new additions to both sides of that equation.

Charles Kemp, the founder of GigCompare, will be joining Driver’s Seat, and we’ll be incorporating GigCompare's technology into our products.

Charles is a super talented ex-Googler who built GigCompare to help gig workers better understand their earnings. He has a gig worker-first approach, making him an excellent fit for our cooperative team. You can read more about his journey and values here.

Here’s what adding Charles and GigCompare to our community means for rideshare and delivery drivers:

New tools to understand real pay in your city

We’ll soon be able to help you answer questions like:

  • What’s the average real pay on each platform in my city?
  • How does my pay compare to the average?
  • Is pay going up or down?

Faster, easier access to your data and personal insights via a new website

You’ll be able to get a quick look at your data as soon as you log into our website. The Driver’s Seat app will still be the best place for deep, actionable insights and tips on how to make more money in less time.

A growing team to build pay transparency tools for you

Charles will join the Driver’s Seat team and guide our work on driver growth, making Driver’s Seat easier to find for new drivers and expanding the number of drivers generating data on our platform. More drivers means better insights, which is a big win for our current users as well.

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