Analyze your pay now with the new Driver's Seat website

Introducing our new website earnings analysis tool to help drivers understand their earnings and make more.

Today, we’re releasing a new website and dashboard that gives you more powerful, easy-to-use tools to analyze your performance, pay, and expenses—the key info you need to make more money in less time.

This new website complements the Driver’s Seat app that thousands of rideshare and delivery drivers have used to increase their earnings and take control of their work since we opened our beta last year.

Instant analysis of your pay, tips, work time, and expenses

When you create an account on our new website, we’ll immediately provide you with data from the apps where you work. But data is just the beginning—we’ll crunch the numbers for you to help you see:

  • How much money you’re earning for all of your work time 
  • How your expenses compare to your earnings
  • How much of your money is coming from tips 

And we give you a new metric called Net Pay that factors in all of your work time and all of your expenses so you can see what’s truly benefiting you—different from the incomplete data that the rideshare and delivery apps give you. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get an in-depth look into the numbers and use them to make informed decisions about your work.

Choose which apps are working best for you

Figuring out which apps are really the most profitable for you can be a challenge when you’re relying on the company’s analysis or keeping your records by hand. 

We put algorithms to work for you when we analyze your data. You can use our dashboard and Net Pay metric to make apples-to-apples comparisons across apps, focusing on the ones that are paying out and not wasting time on the ones that aren’t.

Optimize your schedule

Juggling rideshare and delivery with the other commitments in your life can get pretty tricky! We give you the analytics tools you need to pick the very best times and days for you to work, based on your own data. Deciding whether it’s worth it to drive right now? We got you!

Use it with the app

You can access these analytics immediately by logging into your Driver’s Seat account (or, if you don’t have an account with us yet, registering on our website today). Soon, we’ll be bringing more of these in-depth metrics to our app, and you’ll have all of your data accessible whenever and wherever you want it.

Data and analysis you can trust, by and for gig workers

Driver’s Seat is a cooperative, which means that we’re a business that is created for, and owned by, its users. In our case, you can share ownership of the entire technology and business that makes all of this analysis possible. When you own it, you can trust it. Sign up to be first on the list when we open co-op membership later this year.

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